Hey there! I'm Stephanie.

I am a graphic designer by profession but a outdoor adventurer and animal lover by heart. I live in the mountains of Southwestern Virginia taking in the views every single day. Call me lucky if you want.

I have a little four-legged child covered in blond hair, I formally like to call him Shep. You may catch me calling him "Stink" on occasion. He is my partner in crime, ride or die; he goes with me any chance available, whether it be hikes, road trips or a stop to the local fast food restaurant.

Currently in my free time I take on freelance projects, may be the trails on and off the AT (Appalachian Trail if you don't know the lingo). I love to get my craft on; you can find many of my wreaths and other crafts displayed around my space or friends and family spaces. I dabble in photography when I'm out and about. You can catch me also at the gym as I am a avid fitness and wellness enthusiast.

I believe doing something you love daily makes life
more enjoyable.

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